Dr. Anne Foerster

The Restorative Brain

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Images of Dr. Foerster's work
Anne Foerster and Mike Holmes and Anne at conference 2011.JPG
Anne Foerster and Mike Holmes at lab 2.jpg
Anne Foerster and Mike Holmes at lab 3.jpg
Anne Foerster at conference 2011 copy.JPG
Anne in lab August 2019.jpg
Anne with silk paintings at 2005 symposium.jpg
Brain - 145-426 25x large cut OT.jpg
Brain - 224-2 60x testx.jpg
Brain - 224intact caudate putMEN 224-224 60X.jpg
Brain - 244 caudate low power 2x.jpg
Brain - 244 healed caudate putamen.jp2
Brain - 244 healed caudate putamen.jpg
Brain - 244 intact caudate putamen.jpg
Brain - 409-333 MH detour.jpg
Brain - 59-1123 4x large 18d fimbria massive detour.jpg
Brain - 59-422 remodeling of optic tract.jpg
Brain - 59-422, 10x16x.jpg
Brain - 59-422,12x40l remodeling of optic tract detail.jpg
Brain - 77-214 SM 100 oilcon not lzw.jpg
Brain - 77-214 SM 4x large hiest LUTScrop8.jpg
Brain - 77-214 sm z 40xopa 1t08 undulating neurons.jpg
Illustration - cutting device.jpg
Illustration - rat with implanted device.jpg